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JSaPar is a Java library providing a schema based parser/producer of CSV (Comma Separated Values) and flat files.

JSaPar stands for Java Schema based Parser

JSaPar is a Java library providing a schema based parser and composer of almost all sorts of delimited and fixed width files.

It is an open source java library created with the purpose of making it easy to process delimited and fixed width data sources. By separating the description of the data format into a schema that can be loaded from XML it makes the code easier to maintain and increases flexibility.


The goal of this project is a java library that removes the burden of parsing and composing flat files and csv files from the developer.

The library should


Quality goals

We are not quite there yet, but we are working on it…




This project has no dependencies to other external libraries in runtime.

However if you plan to build and test the source consider the following:

Other sources of information