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JSaPar is a Java library providing a schema based parser and composer of almost all sorts of delimited (CSV) and fixed width files.

This page is under construction

Please see the API javadocs for more advanced documentation.

The schema XSD itself provides a lot of documentation about the details of each allowed element and attribute within the schema xml. A published version of the schema is located at.

If you want to download the XSD as a file, you will probably need to right click on the link above and choose “Save link as…” depending on your browser.

#Advanced parsing

Using XML as input

It is possible to parse an xml document that conforms to the XMLDocumentFormat.xsd ( Use the class org.jsapar.XmlParser in order to parse an xml file and produce line parsed events.

#Advanced converting

Text to markup (XML or HTML)

Use the class Text2XmlConverter in order to produce a xml output. You can register a XSLT together with this converter and in that way you convert the text to any other text output format such as HTML.

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